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Cityzen Barcelona has a team of yoga and meditation professionals and

thanks to its minimal, elegant style and its tranquility

It is the ideal space for zen activities.


Choose a mini workshop zen studied to energize meetings, encourage creativity and interaction in the team.


We organize weekly yoga and meditation classes and workshops in collaboration with the team at SAMA BARCELONA


Are you a yoga teacher, meditation teacher or do you organize other wellness activities? Contact us, we will make you a special price para your own workshops

Yoga accessible to all

Cityzen Barcelona offers several yoga courses and workshops; in particular,  Samadeva Yoga: a gentle psycho-corporal practice extremely revitalizing, without the need for difficult postures.

A true "yoga of beauty", based on ancient knowledge, is practiced to the rhythm of music, and provides well-being and health. A practice that is both traditional and modern, effective to regenerate and live from a state of serenity and joy!


Test the Method

Miracle Morning

Are you familiar with the concept of "Miracle Morning"? It is this idea that can transform your life by getting up an hour earlier to meditate, practice physical activity, cultivate the essentials... with the satisfaction of having done the most important  day before breakfast!


Cityzen Barcelona offers Miracle Morning sessions in 45 minutes combining different methods: meditation, stretching, yoga, daily energy cleansing... the ideal mix to start the day with joy and direction, and thus positively transform each day.

learn to meditate

Cityzen offers Zen-like meditation sessions and a variety of guided meditations as well as meditative movements.


What is the Zen space? The Zen space is a place that has been designed to facilitate medication and make meditation easier. Depending on the company that organizes the space, the services it can offer are very different. -We offer Yoga classes in Barcelona, as well as weekly workshops and meditations in collaboration with the SAMA Barcelona team: -We give the option to choose a mini Zen workshop to make the meetings more dynamic, encourage creativity and teamwork. -You can also rent our space, very interesting if you are a yoga or meditation teacher or if you do wellness activities and need a Zen space adapted to your activity.

How long do Zen activities usually last? At Cityzen Barcelona we offer Miracle Morning sessions: through these classes we combine different methods in a zen space where everything will be under control. These sessions include meditation, stretching, yoga in Barcelona, daily energetic cleansing, among other disciplines. It is a balanced mix that helps us to start each day with energy and motivation. In addition, these techniques allow us to change each day so that we see it in a positive way. The duration of the ZEN activities through the Miracle Morning sessions is 45 minutes. If you want more information about the duration, please consult directly in our ZEN space.

Are the Yoga Classes in Barcelona weekly/monthly? Yoga classes at our center in Barcelona are organized on a weekly schedule.

Why choose this Zen space in Barcelona and not another one? There are many reasons to choose our center instead of other yoga centers in Barcelona. -We have a team of professionals in Zen meditation and Yoga. -Our space is minimalist, elegant and very quiet, being the perfect place to practice Zen activities. -We organize yoga classes and workshops, as well as meditation sessions. -We offer yoga of beauty, which is a discipline that is practiced to the rhythm of music, able to offer health and wellness. -And if you need to rent the space just contact us and we will offer you the best prices.

What is a meeting room? A meeting room is a space that has been set up for meetings that are normally associated with the business world. However, they can also be adapted to hold other events, such as conferences, concerts, among others. In addition to having a good location, they must have comfortable and quality furniture, projectors, whiteboards, good WiFi connection and everything must be properly ordered. This is the only way to create a climate conducive to facilitating decision making.

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